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Belize Zoo Day Trips

The Belize Zoo is a very popular destination for guests who want to see the largest congregation of wildlife in Belize. Over 125 animals and 29 acres. Information includes a video you can watch.

Originally founded in 1983 as a retirement center for animals left after the filming of a nature documentary, the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is now home to over 125 animal species native to Belize.

Occupying over 84 acres, the zoo has acquired animals who were orphaned, rehabilitated or donated. Rather than using cages or cement bunkers, the animals at the Belize Zoo live in large mesh & wood enclosures with plenty of native plants.

Some of the animals you’ll find at the zoo include: tapirs, spider monkeys, toucans, peccary, ocelot, puma, jaguars, falcon, kinkajou, agouti, howler monkey (baboon), tayra, paca, margay, snakes, stork, crocodiles, jaguarundi, gray foxes, curassow, parrots, barn owls, coatimundi, raccoon, hawks, collared aracari, eagle, crested guan, and the scarlet macaw.

Activity Packages that include the Belize Zoo

Cave Tubing and the Belize Zoo

Float on an inner tube as the river winds its way through the rainforest and into caves containing spectacular crystal formations, the very entrances to the ancient Maya underworld. Then, travel to the world famous Belize Zoo to see our wilder residents, up close and in their natural settings.

$150.00 per person. All day. (min.2 persons)
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