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Belize Diving

Belize lies on the Caribbean coast of Central America between Guatemala and Mexico. Its 17,000 square miles include dense tropical jungles, a coastline of mangrove swamp, a mountain range with peaks over 3,500 feet and 266 square miles of off shore cayes surrounded by coral reefs. Fabulous diving is found everywhere on the barrier reef which stretches the entire length of the coast, some 175 miles. In addition, three atolls provide another 180 miles of living reef.

Scuba Dive Ambergris Caye

El Pescador offers divers an un-Belize-able adventure exploring virgin reefs and cayes. When diving along the main barrier reef at Ambergris Caye, you will experience the vast canyons formed by large, living corals rising from a sandy bottom. These canyons are found just outside the reef at depths of 50 - 100 feet. The reef is usually found quite close to the Caye, no more than three quarters of a mile. The canyons are filled with caves and tunnels. Schools of snappers, grouper and nurse sharks are quite common. The occasional hammerhead or black tip shark gives divers a thrill.

The abundance of other marine life along the barrier reef is remarkable. You may encounter a school of porpoises or amber jacks. Spotted eagle-rays are often seen in groups of three or four while the rare manta ray usually travels alone. Turtles are common and you may spot a lone barracuda swimming in the open waters away from the corals.

Diving the Belize Barrier Reef

Come experience the underwater wonders of Belize where the second largest living barrier reef in the world is host to a variety of species including sharks, rays, eels, groupers, parrot fish, trigger fish, sea horses, turtles, shrimp, sea fans, coral and others.

Resident Belize Dive Master & Instructor

El Pescador’s resident dive master and instructor, Alonzo Flota, will guide you through this fascinating underwater kingdom. As an accredited PADI instructor, Alonzo offers Belize scuba diving courses ranging from 1/2 day resort courses to 3-4 day full certification courses. With over 10 years of experience, Alonzo specializes in working with small groups of two to seven divers to provide our guests with the personal attention that ensures a safe and memorable Belize dive.

Belize turtles

Turtles roam freely and are plentiful.

Moray eel

Moray eels pose for the camera.

Kissing fish

Fish play in protected waters

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