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Belize Dive Courses

Chuck & Robbie’s, our Dive Shop partner, offers a variety of courses for the novice to the experienced diver. Length of course varies from a half day to one week. Belize is the perfect place to advance your skills or to get started diving.

Courses Offered

Resort dive course
Resort/Discover Scuba Course

½ day course - includes pool work and one local dive. Course only certifies for that one day of diving, with no further certification. $160

Scuba Diver Course

1-1/2 day course – includes pool work, book work and testing + 2 local dives. Certifies student to dive to 40’. $350

Refresher Course

½ day course – for already certified divers, who have not dived in several years – includes 30 – 45 minutes of refresher work in the pool + 1 local dive. $125

Open Water Referral Course

2 day course - to finish the open water portion of the PADI certification course - for those who have completed the pool work and written work/exam prior to arriving in Belize. $300

Open Water Certification Course

3 day course - includes all pool work, book study and testing + 4 local dives – resulting in full PADI certification. $475

Medic First Aid

½ day - Basic First Aid and CPR course. $75

Rescue Diver

2 day course - for certified divers who wish to learn rescue and recovery techniques. $225

Dive Master Certification

2 – 3 week course - of intensive dive teaching techniques, book study and examinations. $700

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