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Director of Fishing and Guest Services

We are proud to have a wonderful fishing professional, Ed Blank, as the Fishing Director here at El Pescador.

Ed Blank

Born and Raised on a fly fishing river in northern New Hampshire, all I ever knew was skiing and fly fishing. I was very lucky and the skiing took me around the world into my thirties; racing professionally for 12 years.

Ed Block preparing anglers for their next day of fishing at an El Pescador villa.In 1990 I stepped away from skiing altogether and rekindled my love for fishing. I outfitted and guided fly fishermen on week long adventures in Alaska. For 20 years I organized and guided our float trips, camping, fishing and rafting down the best rainbow rivers in southwest Alaska. Our favorite rivers were the Alagnak River, Moraine Creek, American Creek, the Arolik, and Goodnews rivers. My winters were filled with traveling with my Alaska clientele to winter destinations like Florida, Argentina, Chile and the Caribbean with frequent visits to El Pescador over the years.

During one of these trips to El Pescador I was seduced by tarpon and now hunt for them wherever I go. In the Spring of 2008 I started working as a tarpon guide in the Florida Keys concentrating on the months of May and June.

In 2010 I retired the Alaska portion of my life and began my work with the El Pescador family as Director of Fishing.

I hope I am lucky enough to host you on your next trip to El Pescador!

If you have any questions, or want help planning a trip, email me at [email protected].

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