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Directors of Fishing and Guest Services

We are proud to have a wonderful fishing professional, Ken Perkinson, as head of the fishing program here at El Pescador.

Ken is the Co-General Manager of El Pescador Lodge, alongside his lovely wife Anne. Together, they handle all of the daily operations of the lodge and are available to assist you with whatever makes your trip to the island a special and memorable experience.

Ken Perkinson

Ken wortking with an angler on the casting dockGrowing up in the southeast, fishing has always been a part of Ken’s life. From a very young age, he always had a knack for figuring out where the fish were hanging out in any given fishing situation and how to catch them, always enjoying the thrill of the hunt. From freshwater to saltwater, Ken has always been passionate about the exploration of uncharted fishing grounds and figuring out how to lure his targeted species for the catch.

Both Ken and Anne look forward to hosting you on your next trip to El Pescador!

Isa Rodriquez

Isa Rodriguez is from the village of Valley of Peace in central Belize. Isa began his training at El Pescador in 2008 and has been the Associate Fishing Director since 2014.

Isa Rodriquez lending a helping hand of instruction  to an  El Pescador guest on the casting platform in front of the lodge

Isa obtained his Casting Instructor Certification from the Federation of Fly Fishers in February of 2013. Isa joins three other El Pescador guides as the only Belizean certified casting instructors currently teaching in Belize.

Isa has a remarkable ability to teach both novice and experienced fly casters due to his easy going, no pressure sessions but at the same time drawing on the skills and techniques from any source that crosses his path. Isa is the quintessential student and loves to learn; he will be a lifelong student and teacher of fly casting.

His knowledge of the local culture, his ability to explain casting techniques and styles, and his knowledge of knots as well as our home waters make him an invaluable member of our El Pescador family.

If you have any questions, or want help planning a trip, email Ken at [email protected].

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