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Eco-Friendly Resort Policies

El Pescador Lodge and Villas have joined the international effort to lessen our impact on the environment by adopting policies that will start us toward the ultimate goal of sustainability and responsible stewardship of our environment. The Owners, Management, Staff and Guides are all pleased to work in accordance with these prescribed guidelines and will attempt to live by these tenets on a daily basis. We realize that our efforts are a small contribution to the overall agenda of lessening the negative environmental impacts faced by Mother Earth, but El Pescador is proud to be contributing to the cause.

  • We have glassware, metal flatware, glass pitchers and ceramic coffee mugs for the service of beverages to staff, visitors and guests. This has eliminated the need for plastic or Styrofoam disposable wares thus lowering the amount of garbage and refuse that we create and need to dispose.
  • We are committed to not using any plastic or disposable containers for beverages such as sodas. Only soft-drinks in glass bottles will be served to our guests. Since the selection of bottled drinks in glass bottles is a small one, we will only buy drinks in other forms of bottles or packaging if absolutely necessary and another direction is not apparent.
  • Our office has a goal to reduce our printed materials by at least 50%. We will use recycled paper for all correspondence that absolutely needs to be printed; and will print of both sides. We will use old paper to make scrap books for day-to-day scribbling and note taking in the office. We no longer have a printed brochure in an effort to save trees and have instead moved to a DVD and ebrochure format.
  • We have switched to “green” cleaning products where ever available in housekeeping as well as food & beverage.
  • The management will endeavor to reduce travel as often as possible to lessen our carbon footprint. We plan to comment, establish rapport, correspond and debate issues or matters using the internet and email as often as possible.
  • We have changed all bulbs to energy savers. We are committed to turning off all lights off when not in use. Oscillating fans are located in all rooms with the hope that the air conditioners are used only when absolutely necessary.
  • We are committed to keeping all machines, computers and electrical accessories in good working order through an effective maintenance plan that entails constant monitoring and adjustment of faults and the retiring of such machines should they become no longer useful and begin to harm the environment.
  • The grounds of the property will be landscaped with live, local indigenous plants that are carefully chosen for their ability to live outdoors, survive salt, sand and wind, and their ability to thrive with less water.
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