Fishing Report

October 1, 2017


October 8, 2017

Report Details

Sunny and breezy at times.
East 10-15 mph with strong gusts as TS Nate passed
Air Temp:
85º F.
Moon Phase:
Full Moon on the 5th
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 5:44 am Sunset: 5:38 pm

Week In Review

The threat of Tropical Storm Nate was just that, a threat that thankfully did not materialize. The fishing did not disappoint.  Bones were active and easy to see in the low tides with a high sun. Lots landed. The permit fishing was hot. One angler managed two out of three to the boat! Tarpon around in large numbers, always a challenge to land.

What Guests were Catching


An awesome week to be in Belize! To spite the threat of TS Nate, anglers that visited us this week enjoyed great bonefishing and beautiful weather. The low tide has happened when the sun is high which makes it easier to see all those bonefish coming your way. First time bone fisherman and women have all been successful catching that coveted fish


The permit were receptive to the fly this week. Anglers landed as many as three in one day, which is a tall order when it comes to Permit fishing. Craig was one of those guys that enjoyed the tug of three fish in a single day with two making it to the boat. Thanks to everyone for being part of this week at the lodge. We look forward to the next time! The fish will be waiting.


Once again the Tarpon are around in large numbers. Long Caye, down south, continues to lure guides and anglers in search of larger fish. Michael decided to take his chances the day TS Nate passed by and managed to land three Tarpon. What a beautiful end to his and Katie’s honeymoon week!

Other Species

Snapper, cobia, triggerfish, and barracuda.

Grand Slams

None this week.

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in orange, pearl and pink size 6- 8
Peterson Shrimp, Mantis shrimp and Avalon crabs.
Toads and bunnies, black on black, red on black, tan and olive are all great.