Fishing Report

December 8, 2019


December 15, 2019

Report Details

The weather has been good with mostly sunny days and very little wind. We did have one wind day today, but tomorrow looks clear and calm.
North to NE switching to mostly E, 10 - 15 mph
Air Temp:
High and low in the mid 80's.
Moon Phase:
New Moon
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 6:06 am Sunset: 5:14 pm

Week In Review

This has been a great week for Permit, with almost all anglers hooking up.  Several with multiple Permit during the stay.  A Permit was even caught from the dock.   Tarpon fishing has been a little tricky with lots of sightings, but not many landed for the week.  Bonefish have been plentiful, and several really large fish caught.

What Guests were Catching


Bonefishing has been good this last week. Lots of fish on the flats in big groups.  Calm water with little wind has them spooking easily. Nevertheless, guests have been very successful. Good numbers landed with several fish weighing over 5 lbs.


Permit are being caught every day. It's bang up permit fishing right now. The record this week is three Permit for one angler before noon.  Lots of tailing Permit in the shallow water and everyone is getting quality shots.  With most Permit in the 10-15 pound range and several caught are well over 20 lbs.


A few Tarpon were jumped and landed this week. Lots of guests are getting quality shots in the calm weather.   Several Tarpons in the 20-50 lb range landed.

Other Species

Snook, Snapper, Jacks, and Barracuda.

Grand Slams

One grand slam to report this week. A feat accomplished by Nancy Badovinus. Way to go Nancy!

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in orange, pearl and pink sizes 6 & 8
Spawning Shrimp, brown crab.
White and chartreuse toads, poppers, and home ties rounding out the mix.