Fishing Report

February 9, 2020


February 16, 2020

Report Details

Mostly sunny with moderate to strong winds from the East and South East
East and South East 12 - 30 mph
Air Temp:
Hi 80's and low 90's
Moon Phase:
Waning gibbous 90% (after full moon)
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 6:19am Sunset: 5:53 pm

Week In Review

Last week, fishing was mixed with an average bag of bonefish, a variety of Snapper species, and one Tarpon and three Permit landed. A fair amount of wind made conditions challenging.

What Guests were Catching


Good numbers of bonefish were caught this week with fish ranging between 1 Lb and 4 Lbs. We closed the week with a fish of 5 Lbs.


Three Permit were landed with the fish ranging between 5 and 10 Lbs


One Tarpon of 12 Lbs was landed.

Other Species

A few Jacks and Barracuda were also landed. Good numbers of Snappers taken on Shrimp.

Grand Slams

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in orange, pearl and pink sizes 6 & 8 and Crazy Charlies in pink and orange.
Mantis Shrimp size 6, and white flex crab. All caught on fly.
Split tail purple bunny toad head with silly legs.