Fishing Report

February 27, 2021


March 8, 2021

Report Details

Mostly sunny weather with light winds from the east
East and North East at 10 -15 Mph.
Air Temp:
Mid 80's
Moon Phase:
Waning gibbous 75 %
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 6:06 am Sunset: 5:59 pm

Week In Review

Fishing was excellent this week with 4 Grand slams!!!

Capt. Kristian had two slams with Nick E and Josh L.

Cesar with Rodger H. had one, and Capt. Geo had one with 13 year old Jack W.

Capt Kristian  also caught two other permit and was on fire this week !

All species were very willing to take flies, and the spring/summer season is starting off with a bang !

What Guests were Catching


Very good numbers of bones were caught. They were all over the flats ranging between 2 – 5 Lbs.


Nine Permit were caught between 10-18 Lbs


5 Tarpon of between 10 and 40 lbs. were taken

Other Species

A few Snapper were caught.

Grand Slams

Four Grand Slams this week. Amazing!

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in gold, pearl and pink sizes 4 & 6, and Crazy Charlies in pink and orange.
Tan mantis shrimp and strong arm crab.
White and black/purple toads.