Fishing Report

May 15, 2021


May 22, 2021

Report Details

Mostly sunny weather with fresh to strong winds from the East at 20-30 Mph
East at 20-30 Mph.
Air Temp:
Low 90's Deg. F
Moon Phase:
Waxing gibbous 88%
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 5:16 am Sunset: 6:20 pm

Week In Review

Fishing was fair this week, with anglers dealing with some strong winds. The big migratory Tarpon are starting to show up!
Emily O. and Bill B.  each had a grand slam fishing with Capt. Emir. The unseasonal winds will hopefully die down this week, and conditions will return to normal.

What Guests were Catching


Good numbers of bones were caught  Most were in the 2-4 Lb. range.


Six Permit were caught between 10 - 25 Lbs.


15 Tarpon were taken. Most were juvenile fish between 5 and 20 Lbs. The big migratory Tarpon are starting to arrive!

Other Species

Some big Jacks were caught. Barracuda and Ladyfish were also around.

Grand Slams

Two Grand Slams were recorded!

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in gold, pearl and pink sizes 4 & 6, and Crazy Charlies in pink and orange.
Mantis shrimp and Flexo crabs. Crabs were preferred over other patterns.
White bunnies and black/purple bunnies are the flies of choice.

Photo of the Week

Capt. Acosta was busy this week putting guests on some fish. Here is one of the tarpon landed. Pic is low quality but you get the picture!
More Fish of the Week Photos