Fishing Report

October 31, 2021


November 7, 2021

Report Details

Scattered clouds and a few showers and thundershowers around the island at times throughout the week.
NNE 5-20 Mph.
Air Temp:
Early Mid 80s
Moon Phase:
Waxing crescent 5.6%
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 5:52 am Sunset: 5:19 pm

Week In Review

Despite encountering a mix of weather for the week, our anglers continued to log solid fish numbers. We had five grand slams this past week, including a super slam at the Redbone fishing tournament. The winning tournament guide was Capt Michael, and the runner-up was Capt Jeo. Grand champ angler Greg F. and grand champ pro Capt. Justin R.

What Guests were Catching


More than 250 bones were landed for the week, most were in the 2-4 pound range, with several fish over 5 pounds.


11 Permit were landed.


21 Tarpon were landed.

Other Species

19 Snook.

Grand Slams

Five slams - Phoenix R. with Capt Gordy (double slam); Mary R. with Capt Junior; William C. with Capt Jeo - super slam; Capt Justin R. with Capt Junior.

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in gold, pearl and pink sizes 4 & 6, and Crazy Charlies in pink and orange.
Mantis shrimp, rag head crabs and Flexo crabs.
White bunnies, chartreuse, and black-purple toads.