Fishing Report

November 12, 2023


November 19, 2023

Report Details

4-16 Mph, mostly from the north.
Air Temp:
Hi: low 80s Low: high 70s
Moon Phase:
Full Moon November 27
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 5:59 am Sunset: 5:14 pm

Week In Review

This week at El Pescador was filled with excitement and sunny skies, leading to some exceptional Bonefish catches both in size and abundance. The Permit, elusive as ever, made a welcome appearance after playing hide and seek behind the clouds for some time.

Our anglers experienced consistent success with Tarpon, mirroring last week's catch numbers, but with a thrilling increase in sight casting opportunities and the landing of some notably larger specimens.

We extend a hearty congratulations to John and Brent, who both achieved the coveted Grand Slam this week—a remarkable feat indeed! Additionally, the Snook proved to be the unsung heroes, with numerous anglers setting personal records in both size and catch numbers.

In summary, it was a week that will be remembered for its superb catches and the special moments that make El Pescador the premier destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

What Guests were Catching


More than 264 Bonefish werelanded averaging 2 to 3 lbs, several ranging 3 to 5 lbs


Seven for the week.


12 Tarpon landed.

Other Species

24 Snook plus some Mangrove Snapper, Barracuda, Mutton Snapper, JackCrevalle

Grand Slams

Two. John and Brent both had Grand Slams this week. Congratulations to both of them!

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in gold, pearl, root beer and pink sizes 4 & 6.
Mantis shrimp, Rag Head crabs, Bauer crabs and Alflexocrabs in sizes 4 & 6.
White Chartreuse Bunnies, Chartreuse and Black-purple toads in sizes 1/0 to 3/0.

Photo of the Week

A fish so nice it didn’t fit in the frame! Phoenix with an exceptional permit.
More Fish of the Week Photos