Fishing Report

December 10, 2023


December 17, 2023

Report Details

We had a lot of rain this week. It was cold overall and windy. We had a cold front that brought strong northwest winds at times.
Air Temp:
Moon Phase:
New Moon December 12, First Quarter December 19
Sunrise / Sunset:
Sunrise 6:17 am Sunset: 5:22 pm

Week In Review

This week at El Pescador, our valiant anglers faced challenging conditions but emerged victorious with memorable experiences. Although the coveted Grand Slam catches were elusive, there was no shortage of excitement. Our anglers demonstrated their prowess by reeling in impressive numbers of Bonefish, showcasing their skill and patience.

In addition to the Bonefish, the waters around El Pescador were abundant with other marine treasures. Our guests had the thrill of encountering Jack Crevalle, Snapper, Barracuda, and a variety of other fish, adding diversity and excitement to their fishing adventures.

Despite the tough weather conditions, the spirit and determination of our guests shone through, resulting in a week filled with good times and great catches. It's clear that at El Pescador, even the most challenging days can yield the most rewarding experiences.

What Guests were Catching


More than 264 bones were landed for the week, most were in the 2-4 pound range.


3 Permit were landed.


2 Tarpon were landed.

Other Species

3 Snook for the week. Rounding out the week anglers landed some Jacks, Snapper, as well as big Barracuda.

Grand Slams

Flies That Worked

Christmas Island Specials in gold, pearl and pink sizes 4 & 6, and Crazy Charlies in pink and orange.
Mantis shrimp, rag head crabs and Flexo crabs.
White bunnies, chartreuse and black/purple bunnies are the flies of choice.