Covid-19 AND eL pESCADOR

Photo if Guide and Angler fishing a small island near Ambergris Caye, Belize

We Miss You!

Thank you for your continued support, friendship and patience during this pandemic. We miss everyone being together at the lodge - sharing stories and enjoying the flats. While this time of forced separation has been difficult for all of us, we certainly want to uphold our part and come through for our valued guests and friends. One of the beautiful outcomes of this crisis has been the extreme thoughtfulness and generosity of you, our guests; many of whom have reached out to inquire how to help our staff and guides. We are grateful for your concern. Please keep sending us thoughtful messages. They are rays of sunshine during these dark days.

As we all deal with these challengers in our own way, El Pescador appreciates that a bit of flexibility can help. Therefore, we are offering a cancellation guarantee on new reservations to protect your future investment against COVID-19. If your new trip needs to be canceled due to ongoing COVID-19 issues, we will refund the full amount of your payment(s)! This FREE CANCELATION* guarantee is valid for new 2020 and 2021 trips that are confirmed between May 11th - December 31st, 2020. Valid reasons covered by this FREE CANCELATIONguarantee are:

  • State Depart Level 4 Health Advisory for Belize (Do not travel)
  • Border closures prohibiting non-residents travel in /out of BZE
  • Mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Belize

Please note that standard cancellation reasons are not covered under the terms of the above FREE CANCELATION* guarantee, and our regular terms will apply. They can and should be covered with a standard trip insurance policy or a more comprehensive “Cancel For Any Reason” insurance policy. These reasons would include:

  • Cancellation due to work reasons
  • Sickness, illness (including covid-19 virus) or injury of yourself, a family member or a travel partner
  • Weather and hurricane events
  • Trip interruption or cancellation due to severe or unsafe weather
  • Flight delays and/or missed connections

El Pescador has been supporting our community on Ambergris Caye for 46 years, since the lodge first opened in 1974. We are committed to our staff and guides, many of whom are family to one another and have worked with us for decades. We have second and third-generation guides as well as couples and families working at the lodge. It is incumbent upon us to not allow the hard working people who support our love of fishing to perish during this unexpected crisis. The true character of a person, and of a business, will come to the surface during a crisis, and El Pescador is committed to doing the right thing. There are more than 75 people who directly rely on El Pescador to feed and care for their families. We have kept a small crew on-site to work on maintenance, deep cleaning and beautification projects, and have asked everyone else to return to their homes to social distance while receiving a portion of their wages. In addition to being the right thing to do, this also ensures there is a staff to serve you, and guides to take you fishing, when it is safe to return

Destination angling and international adventures have always been about so much more than simply catching fish. Travel is about connecting people and places, and never has this been more important. We are looking forward to having you safely return to the lodge very soon. We miss you very much and like you, we are desperate to get back on the water! One silver lining is that our fishery and flats are having a chance to rest and get stronger while everyone is at home. Since Belize has NO active cases of coronavirus (only 18 cases total - none of which are active, and no new cases in the last 28+ days), we are hopeful that we will be ready to welcome you with open arms soon. Belize’s State of Emergency is due to expire on June 30th. Most airlines are resuming flights in early July. Therefore we are planning to reopen on Saturday, July 11th, 2020. We miss you and hope to see you soon!

Stay safe.