The Beaches on Ambergris Caye

One of the first things travelers new to Ambergris Caye seeks to know is information about our beaches.

White coral sand beaches line the entire coastline. The shallow water right off the beach is a mosaic of seagrass beds and patches of sandy areas.

On some beaches, you'll find mostly sand which makes them ideal for swimming, and in other sections, you'll find mostly sea grass. However, it's important to keep in mind that seagrass beds are important fish nurseries and they are responsible for the diversity and abundance of fishes you see when fishing our flats and snorkeling Belize's Barrier Reef!

But aside from the patches of seagrass beds, the beaches are white; the coconut trees are green and the crystal clear water glimmers in the sunlight with infinite hues of blue.

Over the past few years, a brown seaweed called sargassum has floated onto the beaches of much of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. The beaches here on Ambergris Caye have been significantly affected as well.  Scientists studying this issue believe this is a result of global warming and the agricultural runoff of nutrients into the Gulf of Mexico.   Whatever the cause, it is unsightly, and sometimes has an unpleasant odor.

El Pescador has had clean beaches from north to south for most of its 40 years. This year we have tripled our beach keeping staff to keep up.  We have recently implemented a “boom” system that is having a positive effect.

Heavy machinery is known to damage the beach crushing small creatures, turtle nests, and shallow water wildlife. We will continue to work hard to keep the impact on your vacation as low as possible.

photo of beach in front of El Pescador Villa #1
Beach in front of Villa #1


El Pescador has carved out a real niche for itself. Its combination of comfortable and gracious living in a totally relaxed, outdoor setting is unique and has a charm all its own. When asked by Steve for our suggestions about how to make it better, we were hard pressed to come up with anything substantive. I don't know whether you embrace all of your guests as you did our little family, but we felt as though we were being welcomed into a wonderfully warm, interesting and entertaining family that we were only too happy to be adopted by.
DeDe B.