Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing from a Kayak

Fly Fishing from a kayak in Belize or bird watching in the lagoons around Ambergris Caye is a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon.

El Pescador has, in addition to 200 square miles of flats fishing heaven, a small fleet of kayaks for your use. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can use our complimentary kayaks to explore the many lagoons and flats behind our lodge. Many of these rarely fished flats have some very nice bonefish and yes even the occasional permit, and you can have at them at your convenience.

Explore the flats of Ambergris Caye

What you need is to allow enough time to explore these flats at least 3 or 4 hours will allow you to begin finding fish on the predominantly white sand flats that extend virtually all the way to Mexico. It takes some time to learn your way through and around the mangroves that are home to bones and countless numbers of wading birds. I often see a dozen or more varieties of birds while spending the day fishing these flats. Some flats are sand, some turtle grass and some are limestone mud. These mud flats you DO NOT want to wade. Always check the firmness with your paddle before you get out of the kayak to assure that the bottom is firm.

Fly Fishing Gear

In terms of gear, you'll need a 7, 8 or 9 weight, floating line and a small selection of Gotchas, Charlies, and Christmas Island Specials, and make sure you have a few weedless patterns for the turtle grass. We'll put you into the water on one of our kayaks (all are sit-on-tops) and make sure you have water, lunch if you're going out for the day, plenty of sunscreen and some basic directions to help you begin to explore the wonderful experience of exploring by yourself. This is a unique offering you'll not find often, and the only cost to you is the time needed to begin the exploration of your flats fishing independence.