Fishing Tips

Make Your Cast Count

Over many years of saltwater flats fishing, a few major lessons creep into one's consciousness. Perhaps the very most important, at least in this writer's experience, is simply this: MAKE THE FIRST CAST COUNT.

In a fishery as diverse and bountiful as the one here at El Pescador, it is easy, very easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. What I mean is that it is okay to expect to get dozens, even hundreds of shots during a day of bonefishing, multiple shots at tarpon and permit. Knowing that you may have many shots,  why  is it important to  "make the first cast count?"  You just never know when the next fish may be a 100-pound tarpon, a 20-pound permit or a 6-pound bonefish. As a result, it never pays to relax when you are on the bow of the boat looking for fish. The next fish you see may be the fish of a lifetime -- so let's be ready.

When this fish shows itself to you, the very best chance you will have is the very first cast. This cast gives you the opportunity to surprise the fish. By the second or third cast, your fish of a lifetime begins to get the sense that something's amiss, and you may blow your chance. Practice making the first cast count in your backyard. One or two false casts and hit your spot.

"Make the first cast count" is a very useful mantra to have as you board the flats boats on the dock each morning. Use it and live it and enjoy the great fulfillment of realizing those dreams of landing the big one, rather than talking about the one that got away.